French Mussels with Blue Cheese Home Cooking Kit For 2

French Mussels with Blue Cheese Home Cooking Kit For 2

Specially Crafted. Delicious. Super Easy.

Mussels and blue cheese come together in perfect harmony and the French love the pungent blue cheese sauce that adds the ultimate punch to the distinctive and indulgent mussels broth.
Featuring Boston Bay Mussels from Get Fish, the blue cheese brings out the sweetness of the molluscs and adds depth to a creamy sauce. The base of a white wine sauce reduction with crispy bacon ties this dish together and makes it a simple recipe to master and yet is so desirable.

Your DIY Foodie Kit includes:
Freshly sourced and packed seafood from Get Fish at the Sydney Fish Market Delicious and flavour packed specialty housemade sauce from Foodie del Mar An easy to follow step-by-step cooking card and tips All the quality ingredients you need to Get Cooking at home – all you need is a pot & oil A lovely rustic eco-box, making it a perfect gift idea Best before date to cook and consume within 3 days upon delivery for ultimate freshness
Ingredients: 1 packet of Boston Bay Mussels, 1 packet bacon, 1 packet of Specially Crafted White Wine Sauce, 1 packet Blue Cheese. Feeds 2 people.

Allergens: Nut Free, Dairy Free. Contains Seafood and Crustaceans.




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