Toothfish Sashimi per 200g

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Toothfish Sashimi per 200g

Origin: Australian Antarctic

Glacier 51 Toothfish, named after the glorious Glacier 51 (Fiftyone Glacier) has an incredible story to go along with its incredible taste. Also known as Patagonian Toothfish, this species of fish is found deep in the sub-Antarctic. Their home environment is 2,000 metres below sea level, amongst the volcanic crevices of the sea. In such treacherous environments, its no wonder this species is so highly sought after, often referred to as the ultimate fish, finding a place in some of the world’s top restaurants.

The Glacier 51 toothfish boasts amazing, wagyu-like characteristics whilst bringing delicate mouth feel that is ever pleasing to the palette. With both a high fat and Omega 3 content, its meat serves as a very versatile medium to experiment with a varied range of cuisines.

This sashimi is a must-try.


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